Safety Procedures

When conducting filming/editing in the studio at Ten 87 Studios, Mann Bros. will be adhering to guidelines set out by the Music Producers Guild.

Information is available at the link below:

In summary, these restrictions include:

– Wearing a face covering at all times, excluding those times when it is not possible (i.e. performing).
– Maintaining a 2m distance from all persons at all times, and when this is not possible, keeping the activity involved to as short a time as possible.
– Strictly adhering to guidance on areas of the studio space which are out of bounds (which would otherwise make maintaining a safe distance difficult). Mann Bros. will either describe these areas verbally, or physically mark boundaries.
– The building complex at Ten 87 is equipped with hand sanitiser stations, however please bring your own sanitiser if possible.
– Access to the building is via fob-operated doors. Please follow Mann Bros.' guidance on getting in and out of the building safely, and also to use the toilets which are situated on the ground floor.

Prior to the filming day, please inform Mann Bros. if you suspect you may have come into contact with someone infected with Covid-19. It is also vital that if you are displaying symptoms of Covid-19, to contact Mann Bros. immediately.

Please find information on symptoms on the NHS website:

Mann Bros. reserve the right to terminate filming/editing if for any reason they feel they are being put in a position that would cause them to violate any of the restrictions outlined in this document. By acknowledging this document and its contents you (the Client) agree to adhere to its terms.


In order to ensure the minimum risk of transmission, and to comply with the latest set of government guidelines in lockdown, we require a declaration from Clients entering Mann Bros.' studio for work, confirming the following:

– The Client (to the best of their knowledge) has not come into any contact with persons who may have been exposed to Covid-19.
– The Client agrees to strictly adhere to wearing a face covering at all times, except for those times deemed safe or necessary by Mann Bros. to remove (such as appearing on camera etc).
– The Client will adhere to safety precautions and instructions provided by Mann Bros. on the day of filming, including safe spaces where social distancing can be appropriately observed.

To view Ten 87 Studios' Covid policy, please visit the following link: